Shipping & Returns



All our products are shipped to you the next day on weekdays. Please be aware, you have the right to send it back if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.

We only ship to Great Britain and other European Union countries.

Shipping to Great Britain is 100% free via DHL, DPD or UPS. Shipping to other  EU countries costs £15.


You have the right to return your weighted blanket within 28 days of receiving your package if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.

Please send the weighted blanket, soft duvet cover and its plastic PVC bag to this address:

Beyond Blankets
25 Wendover Way,
United Kingdom

We can usually detect which order to refund through the sender’s address. However, it is helpful to print off your email receipt and include it in the box.

Please beware that you are responsible for covering the cost of returning the goods. We recommend using UPS or DPD for handling your return.

After receiving your returned blanket, we will refund you within 7 days.